Home Remedies for Canker Sores

A few years ago I woke up one morning and felt like the inside of my mouth was raw and felt like it had been roughed up a bit. Over the course of the next few days the rawness turned into about thirty to forty canker sores. I had no idea what caused them, but [...]

Lysine Helps Canker Sores Heal

What is Lysine? Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot create so it must be ingested in order to receive the necessary amounts the body needs. On the bottle of Lysine that I take is the description, “Lysine is especially important for healthy skin and lips. Lysine is an essential amino acid [...]

Colon Health Tips

Good colon health is not often the first thing thought of when you are looking to improve your overall health. However, those who have experienced colon cancer will tell you to pay attention to the health of your colon. Here are some tips to increase the overall health of your colon. Eat Right Not only [...]