Home Remedies for Canker Sores

A few years ago I woke up one morning and felt like the inside of my mouth was raw and felt like it had been roughed up a bit. Over the course of the next few days the rawness turned into about thirty to forty canker sores. I had no idea what caused them, but [...]

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How Much Money Can I Make Mystery Shopping?

Ok, by now you must be thinking, “how much money can I really make mystery shopping?” That is a great question and that really depends on a few factors. Here are some of the factors that will help you make more by mystery shopping than others and also some factors that may prevent you from [...]

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What Kind Of Mystery Shops Are Available?

You may be wondering by now, what kind of mystery shops are available once I become a mystery shopper? There are such a wide variety and I can’t mention the names of the companies due to a non-disclosure agreement I have made with them, however, here are some of the types you may encounter as [...]

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How To Become A Super Star Mystery Shopper

Years ago I heard about mystery shoppers. They seemed to me to be these CIA type detectives that no one knew about that earned free dinners, free merchandise, and other perks that seemed to good to be true. They also were paid to get those nice perks. They seemed to be, well, a mystery. How [...]

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SEC Comment Letter Process for Public Companies

Publicly traded companies from time to time may receive a comment letter from the SEC concerning a review of their 10-Q or 10-K report. The following outlines the necessary steps to respond to their letter and move confidently through the process. Step 1- Don’t Panic! The first step in the process after receiving the SEC [...]

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How to Pass the Utah CPA Law and Rules Exam-Study Guide for Sale

I recently took the Utah Law and Rules Exam that is necessary for becoming a CPA in Utah and found an extreme lack of information on the internet about the test and the best way to tackle it. Here is some important information that I hope you will find useful and will help you pass [...]

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Lysine Helps Canker Sores Heal

What is Lysine? Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot create so it must be ingested in order to receive the necessary amounts the body needs. On the bottle of Lysine that I take is the description, “Lysine is especially important for healthy skin and lips. Lysine is an essential amino acid [...]

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What is Inherent Risk in an Audit?

What is inherent risk? The technical definition of inherent risk (which didn’t do me much good) is the risk that an account, disclosure, or financial statement note is misstated without considering internal controls due to fraud or error. Inherent risk is determined by the professional judgement of the auditor and is usually measured as high, [...]

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Colon Health Tips

Good colon health is not often the first thing thought of when you are looking to improve your overall health. However, those who have experienced colon cancer will tell you to pay attention to the health of your colon. Here are some tips to increase the overall health of your colon. Eat Right Not only [...]

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Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt

There are so many health benefits from eating yogurt that it is no wonder there are so many flavors and varieties available at your local store. Most of these yogurts contain all of the necessary items that make yogurt beneficial to your body and is an inexpensive way to promote good health. First, before buying [...]

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